The SAP User Certificate for Web-based Business Intelligence BOWI42

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

This eLearning course provides skills and basic knowledge to create and maintain web-based queries and reports that help organizations analyze and interpret critical information. You will be taught the essential components of web-based business intelligence using an example company. You will not only learn how to correctly create and design queries and reports, but also how to perform appropriate analyses of data and document exchange.

Upon successful completion of this exam and obtaining the official SAP certificate, you will be able to put your knowledge into practice in projects under the guidance of an experienced consultant.

Structure and course overview

What you need for the course

approx. 60 – 90 workloads

Pure eLearning (web & app), complete online provable

Platform independent (available on all common platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android etc.)

The course will initially be offered in German only.

Sound Web BI knowledge and acquisition of the SAP certificate

To be announced in the future

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